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digalia · Your Virtual Secretary Service
Your Virtual Secretary digalia, born with the aim to offer our customers a personalized, professional and high-quality services that are adapted to any type of management for professionals, companies or clients from different sectors that for various reasons they require external assistance.

Your Business or Company is above everything, but at times the loss of business opportunities is caused by situations in most cases outside the attention i would like to give their customers. Not able to cope with the phone or simply you are not in the office for various reasons, in this case we are the ones who give continuity to their work activity without the need to hire staff who perform that function and assume the costs of a new recruitment for you.
digalia offers you the opportunity to have a custom management for you based on any need and start each day with the peace of mind of having enough time to focus on the development of its activity.

Our more than 10 years of experience in Madrid and Barcelona, have a professional team, qualified, accustomed to the direct dealings with the public, to extract the maximum performance of each of the resources, tools and applications available to our customers, make digalia the solution that I was looking for.
You can have a Virtual Assistant to perform any function of a Secretariat Staff without having to worry about the high cost to dispose of the kind of service that we offer. Recruitment by hours, days weeks or months complete, the modality (PPU Pay Per Use) makes cheaper substantially the use of these services even in exceptional circumstances or anomalous as the substitution on a Holiday, Meeting Outside, Travel and Congresses, prolonged Low Labor Staff, in addition to what is important is that the filtering of each of the calls that you receive listed daily in the Rapport that we will send you to the personal E-mail Account to tell us and you can download in any support with access to the internet.

For less than a *10% of what it would cost you recruit one person per month to perform this type of work, we offer the possibility of having a Customized Telephone Answering and total Control of the Agenda for your Office, Clinic, Study or Consultation

Our extensive experience has shown us that the productivity of a company increases between 30% or 40% just to answer the phone.
* Depending on the number of calls received in month. For an average salary of 1,000.00 Euros / month