11 April, 2014
9 May, 2014
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Hi to all of our usual followers of the Events and News that we are publishing on the regular form in our fortnightly Blog, with the different Innovations and Updates that we incorporate into the different Services we offering free to our Clients.

Since already they could have observed in the Publications that we are inserting on all our different Social Networks, from May 2014 we are in disposition to be able to incorporate a new way of consultation on line into the purpose of improving our offer.

The On Line Invoice is the means by which we arrive every month to all users digalia Virtual Office Secretary and the relationship and listed on the contracted monthly consumption products. for now will continue to send an attachment to the email specified by each client to have a physical copy of the Invoice and Listing of Business that have been made during the current month, but the idea is that in the future we do get a link that will allow access to the online document that can query and download immediately without having to install any software and setup apps. This guarantees confidentiality for each customer, we will have greater assurance of security and make sure only give access to the file to those who have provided us with your query.

The system we offer is not complex and there are so many companies that use this way regularly and digalia want to join this system primarily for reasons of convenience and accessibility with the firm intention to avoid using paper to print the following essential physical shape our commitment savings in the consumption of sheet and this contribute to make a more rational consciousness with the environment.

Systems Using Cloud Storage of which we have spoken on occasion and their own call control and application Agenda, the procedure works in a very simple way.

Every month, on the dates and billing periods, customer will receive an e-mail with a link that allows you to access with a single click to your invoice and the rest as they are published each month. Thus dispose of them consecutively according to corresponding period allowing you immediate access to the corresponding query and download without having to ask to be sent a copy of the same because it is lost or can not find it.

Anyway, digalia is already working on the implementation for the very near future this system accessibility through its own page by inserting a Encrypted Security Code which will increase the level of protection and control access to all of this kind of data.



The Private Area will allow any client to access certain information relating to their own files and allow access to authorized third parties personally and share relevant information with other staff of your company, allowing also have a custom folder on the desktop where you can drag or paste any document or file and automatically synchronize to display on any computer and any person to whom he has been allowed access to the same information all over the world, it doesn’t matter wherever you are.

This digalia process takes another step towards consolidating Virtual Services and takes advantage over other companies.

The Future of Customer Service Virtualize passes mainly, because this means a considerable saving money, 100% guaranteed service for 24 hours, 365 days a year, a professional image even for a small company and everything and this is what most importantly, an increase in productivity.

Thank you and Regards.