4 July, 2014
11 August, 2014
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Continuing with our tour across the different professional sectors we want to do a special mention this week to the Dental Clinics by the most specific form but though it, is totally applicable to any other type of Clinic of Specialities.

The Dental Clinics. in few cases, have schedules and special calendars that they determine the days of Consultations for patients of alternate form or in some cases only some days a week, always depending on the location of the same one. In occasions even they have a diversity of schedules that also change depending on these days and hereby there exist days that just attend To Consultations in the mornings or of evening of form more concrete what we want to say it is that, in the great majority of the cases Consultation does not pass every day and in a schedule continued in the same direction since in many occasions there exist physicians who have several Consultations in different directions and alternate the labour days.

The volume of work of the majority of the professionals of the dentist sector and of the Specializing Clinics it is enormous with what the alternation arranges, as more effective form, on the part of the Auxiliary ones or Nurses for the Telephone Attention and Professional Agenda, the attention to the Patients and the rest of the administrative own procedures of the management for what they feel saturated and in many occasions exceeded with the during work.

digalia and our Virtual Assistance Service they have Applications and specific Services for the attention of this type of calls and the Control and the Management of the Agenda for Patients, depending on every need and the schedules.



The advantage of this type of contracting supposes an evident relief for the Professional or the Clinic since hereby the Telephone and the Agenda always is attended and this allows that the auxiliary ones only should worry about the attention to the Patient but besides, supposes an optimization of the resources and services for those hours, days or periods in which it is not possible to attend to the calls.

With the means that there offers the Virtual Assistance Service that we give in digalia we guarantee a continued attention and especially, an efficient organization of the Professional Agenda in order which she is always active in those lapses of time in which there is no activity. Of this form the income is guaranteed and the continuity of the activity once begins the incorporation after the processes of rest.

This wants to say that we work for you and that if in a certain moment of the day, of the week or of the year you have to close, it does not mean that the activity should be paralyzed. We take charge managing your Consultation in order that the activity of your Agenda does not stop.

In our web www.digalia.com will have all the details you need additional information or contact through our mail or on our cell info@digalia.com in Spain (+34) 922 343 689.

Thank you and Regards.