24 May, 2014
4 July, 2014
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As we were discussing in recent weeks in our Blog, digalia is doing a general review of the different professional sectors it provides its services, listing the huge advantages of this type of management to a professional who can not afford to hire a Secretariat to organize the consultation or Office, answers the phone or check the Calendar Clients or Patients. This week we’re going to focus on Psychologists and Educators.

Most of these professionals focus on patient care hours later, while leveraging the mornings to other related training, educational activities and presentations and lectures, hence in most cases the phone not Consultations they can be cared for or simply done through the Answering Machine but it is true that the experience has also taught us that in many cases, not even serving on an ongoing basis.

In many consultations Professionals share availability and Agenda several psychologists and pedagogues in order to make more profitable the high cost of rent, telephone lines, internet connections and other additional costs for the implementation of specialized centers, which is why our specific Virtual Assistance Service gives us the opportunity to propose an appropriate Call Centre and unified Agenda Control Centers and for different queries.

This type of services is to provide the best care, in an appropriate and professional manner and adapted to the needs of the specialist who needs to be attend the phone at any time of day and total control of Business Agenda is made (BAC ) and even Personal or Professional Agenda (PBA) in order to give a quality image, the patient is always attended, supported and especially and most importantly take effective management, optimizing resources of each and Psychological Consultation Center where you try provide a solution for each of them depending on the particular condition or symptoms.

woman by the psychologist


For all digalia through our Specific Services offers a compact package that makes for affordable and economical essentially amount includes: Telephone Customer Attention to prevent loss of calls throughout the day, Control Agenda for the management and organization of Meeting and Consultations, Private Access to restricted Area to Daily Reports and Monthly Invoices and other documents for our customers exclusive, Voicemail to collect messages, Report on Line with immediate access to information on time, Urgent Jobs Agenda modification through our service Instant Mail, Personal Number Allocation and Statistics Quarterly with volume of calls and inquiries, etc., and other wide range of products and services additional recruitment for different needs and aspects not included in the Basic Package.

Our goal is to adapt the offer to the client’s needs based on the time and specialty patient care. and assist in cases where to answer the phone and manage the agenda becomes difficult.

It’s time to take the Special Offer throwing digalia to try the service completely free of charge and without obligation for 15 days.

As in the past with other labor groups, remember that we are available to all stakeholders through various means of contact for any questions or concerns that need clarification.

In our web will have all the details you need additional information or contact through our mail or on our cell in Spain (+34) 922 343 689.

Thank you and Regards.