9 May, 2014
20 June, 2014
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digalia intended their Telephone Assistance Services and Agenda Control, plus many others that complement the essential package of management, different professionals and each has adapted to Applications and Systems procedures necessary for the proper development of this sector types of procedures.

As of this week we will introduce direct way the advantages of hiring any of the packages that we have to support each of these sectors, this week Attorneys.

Gracias a todos y Saludos.

It is well known the frenetic activity of the Law Firms and the professionals working in them or for them, especially in times of trials and assists. This makes mornings any day of the week and especially in those hours in Courts or Guards, virtually impossible to attend to personal phone or in the office. In most cases, certainly more than one have been through this experience, try to contact a lawyer to help us in any legal consultation if done it almost impossible to contact them. Or do not answer the phone, do not have voicemail, do not return the call or simply do not meet.

For Specific as the services we offer in digalia, we make this situation is not so common and especially help in different aspect to give a much more professional image any law firm.

judges court gavel being pounded on a lawbook


With the hiring of Personalized Telephone Answering and Control Agenda do a professional Justice is at all times connected to your customers without the need to answer the phone, does that mean then that this service calls are permanently filtered in order to not serve anything that is not a specific issue of the Firm. Allows an attorney who is assisting a client in a day a specific time in his office or in court, is informed at all times that is what happens with your office phone, without having to deal with the terminal and this how.

The basic package of recruitment featuring our Service Virtual Assistance includes a Private Number Assignment from the very moment that occurs at high ie this number is unique to the customer with what is guaranteed to only receive calls for him and also make a single use of the virtual line, but there is the possibility of contracting the Switchboard option so you can have an infinite number of extensions with the possibility to transfer and refer any calls received. Within this basic package of 30.00 Euros / Month, is included at no additional cost: The Telephone Answering 24 hours, a Voicemail with Corporate Speech for calls on non-business hours, Agenda Control Synchronized with your own Office, Daily Report or Diário of efforts and incoming callas, Urgent Notices, etc.

It is best to install any additional software or complex applications that can compromise the security and privacy of our customers and above all, the security of having a guaranteed service 24 hours a day is not necessary.

Yes, we know that much thought and reflection is that this type of assistance does the Secretary of the Office but we have discussed and analyzed the importance in a globalized society monetize know the time and especially the costs of hiring a person for such proceedings but save around 70% or 80% which is the specific recruitment which must be added to the Social Security and Taxation is to think about it.

In our web will have all the details you need additional information or contact through our mail or on our cell in Spain (+34) 922 343 689.

Thank you and Regards.