Assistant Services and Virtual Office

Virtual Office: Telephone Answering, Professional Business Agenda, Business Meetings, Market Research

Telephone Answering

We will respond to all those calls that your company will receive and manage them for you. You will have the same services that can offer you a secretariat of direction of onsite with the security that your phone will be addressed during all business hours. Will keep you informed through our daily Rapports updated status of your calls and the management of each of the services you have requested.

Business Agenda Control

La BAC The BAC or Control of Professional Agenda, is intended exclusively for professionals who do not have a maid that manage the schedule of clients or patients in certain offices or specialized consultations: Lawyers, Architects, Doctors, Psychologists, Engineers, Actors, Singers, Restaurants and Real Estates also..
The advantage of this type of service is the management of the agenda of work combined with real-time synchronization in any type of media and from wherever you are, with what you have the absolute guarantee of power see at every moment the state of the same. In addition to providing you with free of charge, the sending of a notice instantaneous communication of any modification or variation that has occurred throughout the day, in this way, you know at every moment the actual state and the evolution of the Timetable for Consultations, Appointments or Visits.

Also as a Reservations Center for establishments in this sector of the catering in Restaurants and small Hotels Places.

Professional Business Agenda

The PBA or Agenda Professional Staff offers the same advantages that the BAC, although in this specific section is a type of specialized control and adapted for Professionals with a high rate of commercial visits or monitoring that make it difficult to have a updated control of the modifications of the Agenda: Commercial Agents, Managers, Executives, in cases such as these may provide a Virtual Assistant to manage your Agenda as if by a Secretariat of Direction will be discussed. In both cases, with the recruitment of the BAC or the PBA will have before it the system On Time Synchronization that allows you to have updated their work agenda to the second and have a total instant accessibility from any device with an Internet connection.

Business Meetings

Organization, ticket reservations, Hotel, Car Rental, restaurant, we organize your business trip without the need for that you should bother to do so.
We absolutely everything following your request, ensuring an optimal result and professional.

Market Research

Adapted to your needs and your company in a personalized way. We manage a detailed study taking into account the type of activity, location, environment, market niches, positioning, media analysis and impacts.