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26 April, 2014
24 May, 2014
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Each of us begins in the delicate Adventure starting a company with the times and so complex that involves you a gap as Brand, has dreamed of having a reputation and a name even internationally. For that much effort, dedication, worsen, knowledge, preparation, investing in RDI, etc. is needed. and surround yourself with people who make you the simplest work or at least help you to choose the right path to the goal.But considering the time traversing the world of business, globalization, the implantation of new tools and applications, market segmentation, preparation of executive and responsible for the organization staff, to find the shortest way to the end customer and especially the maximum return on the time and resources in order to reduce costs, it is essential the VirtualAdd certain Services.

All of us would like to have a Secretary / Directorate or that we solve virtually any situation of our working lives and even in every situation, aspects of our personal and private life and the organization our holidays, pick up the children from school, organize our party birthdays or purchase the last gift that insurance has forgotten us ascomo many other situations that have good insurance I could see, experience and even hate, when we see that happen. What we should know and be clear is whether we can bear the cost of having a person for such efforts.

A Virtual Assistant is clear this type of contract for various reasons you sure convencern alternative.

A Virtual Assistant can offer as digalia, supplies perfectly placed with many advantages and only one disadvantage in this respect, namely:



A Secretary or an Administrative involves a minimum cost for an average salary of about 1,500.00 Euros / Month including Social Security and Withholding Taxes, Spending ms own position and function of the efforts to be carried out. To all this we must add Vacations, Pay Extra, sick leave and non-productive hours. If you want to have an extra person in formation Records, Languages, Protocol and attention telefnica spending soars and this only available to very few estal Companies.

digalia gives you all this type of Services +/- 10% of the monthly cost with the obvious advantage of knowing that the work must be immaculate because Virtual Secretaries living mainly from the efforts made.

Our Approach to General Travs 50 VOUCHER / 100 VOUCHER Customer rewards with the possibility of having a Secretary / or throughout the day for the management of your company, SME, Office, Advice, Restaurant or clinic by a closed 50.00 100.00 Euros / Month in function call volume price. The service includes:

Low Number of Allocation Phone, Voice Mail Box, 24 hour Phone Assistance, On Line Agenda Control, Daily Rapport, Instant.Mail (Urgent Jobs), Personal Response to Wear Each Client, Multiple Languages, Quarterly Statistics .

But as we have been commented at first, this kind of services from various companies in the industry have a disadvantage is that you do not open the door when you arrive, do not bring the morning coffe and you hang the jacket but that s, the maximum rentabilizamos time and guarantee that work exclusively for you every minute of the day for obvious reasons, msy how much better chances of Contract.

Personal Agendas also we attend so you have no excuse, if you need a Professional Personal Assistant, digalia is the opportunity you were looking for Controlling your Telephone., Your agenda and offer a fully professional image for your company.

Thank you and Regards.